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Course code: MTP-038
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 45 minutes
Language: English, Norwegian
Price: NOK 1100,-

Insufficient understanding of risk often leads to delayed projects, accidents and other unwanted incidents.
This course provides a basic understanding of what risk is, how it can be managed and how understanding risk helps us make better decisions.


Course Content
- What is risk?
- Managing risk
- That we each play a role in preventing things from going wrong
- That actions and decisions may influence the risk to ourselves and others far into the future
- That we perform risk assessments in order to make better decisions when we are unsure


Course code: PRO-016
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 4-6 hours
Language: Norwegian
Price: NOK 4500,-

For the english version of this course please enrol to the course "Basic Risk Analysis".

Risk has always been an important part of our lives. People have always tried to get an overview of what risks are linked to different activities. Nowadays, risk management is a core concept in many different contexts – for example, we talk about a business risk or a risk of injury or loss of life.

In this course, the main focus is on what we usually call risk-based HSE management, but the course also throws light on principles and methods which can be used generally for risk management in business.
There are many guides and standards concerning how a risk analysis may be performed, and many of these are adapted to specific industries and specialized areas. This course offers a general approach to the risk management process, without a pronounced sector-based content.

Following completion of the module, participants will have a better understanding of what risk management is and be familiar with the various phases of the risk management process. At the same time, the participants will come to understand why risk forms a core part of all human activity. This will be done by means of learning and reflection on such key topics as: 

• Basic principles of risk-based management
• What is risk?
• How to include risk management in the other activities of the business


Course content 
• Introduction to risk management
• The risk management process
• Risk analysis
• Risk analysis methods
• Acceptance and decision criteria
• Risk identification
• Frequency
• Impact assessments
• Risk assessment and outcome
• Cost-benefit assessments
• Measures and follow-up
• Management – drilling and well operations
• Management – emergency preparedness
• Management – health and working environment
• Management – external environment

The course can also be offered in combination with a classroom session. Contact us for a tailormade solution for your company.

Course code: PRO-009
Course type: Blended course
Duration: 10-15 hours e-learn ...
Language: Norwegian
Price: From NOK 7900,-

Course meets AML § 6-5 on requirements for trainig safety delegates and AMU-members

This course provides a solid theoretical foundation within the HSE. But the focus is always how work safety, health and the environment are planned and carried out in practice.


After completing the module, participants will be better able to understand the safety significance of work for society, business and individuals. At the same time the motivation to work with HSE to be strengthened. This is done through learning and reflection on important topics such as:

- HSE concepts
- Key principles of management and HSE
- Measures and models for HSE


Course content
- Introduction to Safety Management - Regulation of health, safety and security
- Internal control and management philosophy - Duties and rights
- HSE management - vision, strategy and goals
- Culture - Behaviour
- Health and environment - Environmental
- Safety - The risk management process and risk analysis
- Preparedness - Monitoring of adverse events