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  • Safety and Emergency Preparedness

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Course code: PRO-111
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 4-6 timer
Language: Norsk
Price: NOK 5000,-

Kurset har som målsetting å gi deltakerne av en beredskapsorganisasjon en grunnleggende forståelse for beredskapshåndtering i en beredskapsledelsesgruppe.

Opplæringen skal gi kompetanse innen;
• Organisering av beredskap
• Effektiv beredskapsledelse
• Samvirke – ansvar og roller
• Mentale reaksjoner og stressmestring
• Opptreden i beredskaps rom

Målgruppen er primært personell som jobber i beredskapsledelsens 1. linje (taktisk nivå) på norsk sokkel. Hovedinnholdet i den teoretiske delen er generell, og kurset vil derfor også være nyttig for personell med roller i 2. (operasjonelt nivå) og 3. linjes (strategisk nivå) beredskap.

Course code: PRO-031
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 4-6 hours
Language: Norwegian
Price: NOK 5000,-

For English version of this course, please enrol to "OG1 Basic emergency management, English (e-learning)" Course.


Proactive emergency response management involves identifying measures that can control the development in the desired direction and take action before circumstances force one to do it.
This course is the first step of the way to handle such situations and thus participate in 2nd or 3rd line emergency response organization onshore.


Course content:
• Introduction
• Defined hazard and accident situations
• External resourses
• The structure and use of emergency plan
• Training and exercises
• Evaluation and improvement
• Stress reaction in an emergency organisation

Target group:
Target group is all personnel who will participate in 2nd and 3rd line emergency response work in the company.


Learning methods:
E-learning. It is recommended that e-learning course is followed up with collection, training and exercises. Please contact us for a customized business services.


Course code: PRO-029
Course type: Classroom course
Duration: 1 day session
Language: Norwegian and English
Price: From NOK 4700,-

Course in personal travel security for international business travel.


Norwegian employees are traveling frequently to countries and regions that represent higher risk. This course in personal travel security improves employee competence to plan and implement necessary measures and handling of incidents on travel assignments.

The course is intended for Norwegian companies that expose employees to higher risk related to one or more of the following categories:


  • Countries and regions with an increased threat level related to:
      •  - Personal security (terrorism, kidnapping, violent crime etc.)
      •  - Information security (intelligence threat and protection of sensitive information)
  • Countries and regions with an increased risk of natural disasters
    (infection / epidemics, earthquakes etc.)
  • Countries and regions with limited opportunity for local support and reduced infrastructure
    (Ex. limited medical emergency capacity)


The course will help to increase personal competence for safeguarding personal security in planning and execution of risk traveling. The course also includes elements for safeguarding information at increased intelligence threat and basic measures for handling sensitive information while traveling.