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Course code: PRO-002
Course type: E-learning course
Duration: 3-5 hours
Language: Norwegian
Price: NOK 3000,-

Good safety management is anchored preferably in two basic traditions: Risk-based and event-based control. Risk-based management means that efforts aimed at detecting and identifying risks before an incident occurs. This course focuses attention on event-based management, which is about to learn of events that already happened. Through a systematic approach to the investigation of an accident increases educational value of what has happened. Thus, the investigation into a key tool in efforts to put in measures to prevent future accidents.

This course presents a general approach to accident investigation, and the course will provide benefits regardless of what industry participants are coming from.


After completing the module, participants will understand what inquiry is and to the various stages of the investigation process. Participants will also learn about how the investigation is led and implemented in practice. 

The participant will learn about:

- Basic principles for the investigation of incidents

- How is the relationship between risk-based and event-based control

- How the results of an investigation can best help to prevent accidents


Course Content

- Completion of investigation

- The phases of a typical investigation

- Different methods used in root cause analysis

- Interview Technique

- Introduction - The investigation in relation to risk management

- Investigation Process - Establishment of the mandate - Organization of the investigation team - Collection of surface material

- Barriers - Models of causal analysis: MTO

- Models of causal analysis - Interview Technique

- Reporting - Measures and follow-up through the company's management


The course can also be offered in combination with a classroom session. Contact us for a tailormade solution for your company.

Course code: SAF-004
Course type: Classroom course
Duration: 2 days
Language: Norwegian
Price: From NOK 8975,-

Education and training in the use of STEP and MTO as methods of investigation of incidents and accidents at work. The course is recommended for managers, union representatives, safety representatives, AMU members and professionals who may be involved in the assessment of occupational accidents in the workplace.

Course Content
- The investigation process step by step
- Barrier and causal analysis
- Investigation team tasks and methods
- Investigation models with focus on MTO and STEP
- Practical use of STEP flowchart
- Investigation Training - incorporating knowledge, practices and methods
- Reporting and follow-up
- Safety management and investigation - new methods