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Course code: PRO-034
Course type: Classroom course
Duration: 1 day workshop
Language: Norwegian / English
Price: From NOK 3900,-

The Proactima ‘Learning from Major Accidents’ one day workshop uses the unique insights that Major Accident investigations provide into the causes of accidents to help companies prevent failures and reduce risk.


In industries with hazard materials and high energy, in hazard locations and utilizing complex systems there is always the possibility of an accident that will have significant consequences for people, the environment, material values and company reputation. When these Major Accidents take place, there are internal and external investigations into the causes and recommendations to prevent reoccurrence. For many Major Accidents there is often information on the measures implemented and how successful these have been. Information on investigations into Major Accidents is available and can be used effectively for learning if structured and prepared properly.


Major Accidents occur due to technical, human and organizational failures in a context and sequence of events that is often unique in itself. The individual failures however are rarely new and the signs that these failures are already in place before the Major Accident occurs is often noted in the investigation reports. If the failures were both known and apparent in advance, then why do we allow these failures to exist? Could they exist in your organization and operation? Can you recognize them? Can you do anything about them?


The Proactima ‘Learning from Major Accidents’ workshop will cover three major accidents in detail and will focus on five key factors, related to organizational behavior and company culture, that are common to most Major Accidents. Proactima believes that the workshop will give participants important insights on what can be done to prevent incidents that could have major consequences.