Oil and Gas
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Hydrocarbon Processing Equipment

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Course Goal: This course aims to provide learners with a theoretical introduction to systems and equipment used in hydrocarbon processing operations. 

Target Audience: All relevant personnel


Section 1: Compressor Systems
LO1 Identify the various types of compressors
LO2 Explain how compressors are designed
LO3 Identify the various compressor control systems
LO4 Identify the various ancillary systems associated with compressor systems

Section 2: Safety and Control Systems
LO5 Describe how cause and effect diagrams provide alarm and shutdown information
LO6 Identify how pressure is controlled and the safety measures that are provided to prevent overpressure
LO7 Identify how temperature is controlled and the safety measures to prevent thermal damage
LO8 Identify how flow is controlled and the measures to ensure safe plant operation
LO9 Identify how level is controlled and the measures to ensure safe plant operation

Section 3: Prime Movers
LO10 Demonstrate how gas turbines are designed and operated
LO11 Describe diesel engine design and operation
LO12 Describe hydraulic systems and their operation
LO13 Describe electric motors and their operation

Section 4: Ancillary Systems
LO14 Identify and describe the various types of pumps
LO15 Describe heat exchanger design
LO16 Describe the use of knock out drums


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