Oil and Gas
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Oil and Gas Processing Systems

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Course Goal: This course aims to provide learners with an introduction to the principles of the systems associated with oil and gas processing operations.

Target Audience: All relevant personnel

Course Overview

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Section 1: An Introduction to Oil Treatment

LO1 Explain the theory behind the process of separation in the Oil and Gas Industry

LO2 Identify the most common types of separator

LO3 Identify the requirements for a test separator and explain how they are used to monitor individual well production

LO4 Give an overview of main oil line pumps and explain how they are deployed

Section 2: An Introduction to Gas Compression and Hydrate Prevention

LO5 Give an overview of the process of gas compression

LO6 Describe the different methods of chemical injection used for hydrate prevention (during gas export)

Section 3: An Introduction to Utility Systems

LO7 Identify the different utility systems in use in the Oil and Gas Industry

LO8 Describe the use of sea water lift pumps and water polishing systems

LO9 Describe the purpose of cooling systems and heat exchangers

LO10 Describe the use of heat medium systems

LO11 Describe the use of potable water systems

LO12 Describe the use of diesel storage systems for the bunkering, storage and distribution of diesel


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