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Corrosion and Coating

Course information

Target group:

Who the course is for: The course Corrosion and Coating is aimed at anyone interested in understanding the corrosion process and the protective coatings used to prevent corrosion. This may include Ship Managers, Technical Superintendents, Ship Masters, Officers and Seafarers; Shipyards Technical Staff; Surveyors; P&I and/or Insurance Inspectors; Naval Architects; Etc.



This training course provides a general introduction to the corrosion process, the protective coating used to prevent corrosion, the coating process and coating inspection.


On completion of the training, students will be able to:

Know the different types of corrosion and their causes.

Understand the corrosion phenomenon and the threat it represents to the structural integrity.

Know the protective coating systems used in shipbuilding.

Be familiar with the constituents, structure and curing prerequisites of the protective coating systems.

Understand the different phases of the coating process and the requirements for successful coating application.

Be familiar with coating inspection procedures and the requirements of the IMO PSPC.

Recognise the different forms of coating failure.


Module 1 - Introduction to Corrosion and Protective Coatings

Corrosion definition

Causes of corrosion

Different forms of corrosion

Corrosion rate

Protective coating systems

Paint coating components

Types of coatings

Technical data sheets

Coating cure

Module 2 - Coating Process and Inspection

Coating process scheme

Surface preparation

Cleaning techniques

Surface preparation

Paint application

Coating durability requirements

Coating inspection

Coating system documentation

Coating inspector qualifications

Inspection procedures and plan

Coating defects


On completion of the training program, the student will be awarded the following qualifications:

Certificate of Corrosion and Coating awarded by Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore.

The Certificate of Corrosion and Coating, issued by Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore, is obtained after completing the course and passing the qualification examination.


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