Oil and Gas
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Introduction to general platform operations

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Target group:

Personnel who require a basic knowledge of production equipment and processing in order to carry out their work, yet who do not need to be specialists. The course is of particular relevance for administrative personnel in staff/support positions in operator-, drilling-, consultancy- and service-companies.


Focus on production and processing. Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to give an account of the production process of oil and gas. They should be able to identify platform equipment, state the position, and, in principle, give an account of the workings of the production and process equipment involved.


Course Content 


What is produced?

- Liquids

- Gases


The production well:

The Christmas tree


The production process, main and auxiliary equipment

- Well head

- Production manifold

- Inlet separator/water separator

- De-gassing tanks

- Liquid separators

- Suction brushes

- Gas Brushes

- Compressors

- Coalescer

- Flare boom - Coolers/heat exchangers

- Pumps

- Filters

- Valves


The production process, main and auxiliary equipment, cont.:

- Measuring apparatus

- Water machines - electric boilers

- Gas treatment equipment

- Separators for gas/condensate

- Storage tanks and equipment

- Re-injection manifold

- Safety and surveillance systems

- Help systems


Production methods:

- Primary extraction

- Secondary extraction (gas/water injection)


Future production systems:

- Underwater/satellite system


The course can also be arranged internally and can be tailor-made for individual companies.

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