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Introduction to completion & well maintenance

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Target group:

Personnel who require a basic knowledge of completion and maintenance of production wells in order to carry out their work, yet who are not specialists. The course is of particular relevance for administrative personnel in staff/ support positions in operator-, drilling-, consultancy- and service-companies.


The most common well problems
Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to give an account of the construction process of a production well, and the equipment that is used for completion. In addition to this, they should be able to describe the most common problems that affect wells, as well as giving an account of how these can be solved.


Course Content

Formation research:

 - Seismic data



Design of completion string:

- Production pipes

- Installation, steel quality, loads

- Temperature

- Pressure conditions in the well

- Perforation

- Completion of horizontal wells/multi-boundary wells


Design of completion liquid:

- Well and packer fluid, oil and water based etc.

- Permeability and viscosity


Completion equipment:

- Well head and Christmas tree

- Function of Christmas tree on a platform completed well

- Putting in production pipes/lines

- Production pipe gaskets

- Well safety valves (SCSSV)

- Compensatory equipment/expansion joints

- Anchoring profiles

- Sliding sleeves


Completion equipment, cont.:

- Side pockets

- Pipe reinforcements

- Lower part of production pipe


Well stimulation:

- Sand control/Gas lift

- Methods of chemical injection/acidizing

- Water and gas injection

- Gravel pack


Wells completed on the sea bed:

- Guide frame

- Christmas tree

- Well head

- Control system

- Underwater joints

- Protective structure



Well Maintenance


Wireline operations:

- Equipment and principles

- Advantages and limitations when using wireline operations


Coiled tubing:

- Equipment and principles

- Advantages and limitations when operating coiled tubing


Hydraulic well overhauling (snubbing)

- Equipment and principles

- Advantages and limitations of hydraulic well overhaul operation


The course can also be arranged internally and can be tailor-made for individual companies.

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