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Fire Team - Basic course

Course information

Target group:

Members of fire teams, fire fighting leaders and Emergency Site Controllers.


After completing the course, participants should have the necessary knowledge and skills to fight fires with the available equipment on the platform and on the vessel. Theoretical and practical instruction should provide participants with a clear understanding of their own and the equipment's limitations.


Course Content

- Emergency organisation

- Lifesaving First aid

- Checking the condition of the patient

- Fire theory

- Extinguishing agents

- Extinguishing equipment

- Fire fighting and limitations

- Physiology

- Pneumatic and other smoke diving equipment

- Search and rescue (smoke diving).

- Gas and liquids under pressure

- Mental reactions and dealing with stress (during accidents and disasters)

- Rescue work during a fire.


This course is valid for 48 months.

Course classes Total hits: 4

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Course provider Week Enrolment deadline Start date End date Location Available seats Price
Sots 44 2016-10-24 2016-10-31 2016-11-04 Stavanger NOK 16500,-
Nosefo 46 2016-11-13 2016-11-14 2016-11-18 Bergen NOK 17700,-
Nosefo 48 2016-11-27 2016-11-28 2016-12-02 Tau NOK 17700,-
Sots 48 2016-11-21 2016-11-28 2016-12-02 Stavanger NOK 16500,-
Total hits: 4


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