Oil and Gas
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Environmental Awareness (International)

Course information

Target group:

All personnel


Course goal: This course aims to increase learners’ awareness of the environmental aspects and impacts related to the Oil and Gas Industry and the actions that can be taken to minimise environmental damage.


Learning Objectives

LO1 Identify the main environmental issues that affect the Oil and Gas industry

LO2 Explain the importance of being an environmentally responsible company

LO3 Explain the company’s commitment to managing environmental issues

LO4 Explain the role of ISO 14001 in environmental management

LO5 Explain the role of the Regulator

LO6 Define what is meant by environmental ‘aspects’ and ‘impacts’

LO7 Identify the activities that can contribute towards atmospheric pollution 

LO8 Identify the activities that can contribute towards water pollution

LO9 Identify typical spill sources

LO10 Describe the environmental effects of chemical discharges

LO11Identify the sources and impacts of disturbance of the seabed by the Oil and Gas Industry 

LO12 Identify the sources and impacts of noise from oil and gas operations 

LO13 Identify the activities that can generate waste

LO14 Describe ways in which the impact on the environment can be minimised


LO15 Explain that everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment


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