Oil and Gas
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Basic understanding of the Regulations

Course information

Target group:

The target group is all employees within the Norwegian oil industry covered by the Petroleum Safety Authority’s area of responsibility.


The course content is designed to satisfy the requirement concerning competence in relation to the regulations by providing knowledge of the HSE regulations structure and content and giving examples of practical use.

Course contents:

•    About the regulations
•    Structure
•    Acts
•    Regulations
•    Selected issues
•    The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway
•    Practical use

When working through the course, it is a good idea to remain on the net so you can make active use of the regulations. That way you will benefit most from the course.

In order to have the course approved, you must answer 80% of the questions in the test correctly. The test is made available after you have completed the course.

A great deal of the course content has been imported from Lovdata and the Petroleum Safety Authority website.

The regulations are readily available on the internet:

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