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Confined Space Entry FAST TRACK

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FAST TRACK is a learning method which provides you with bespoke learning content by identifying any knowledge gaps you may have in a particular subject area.


FAST TRACK is a pre-assessment learning tool which is designed to assess your existing knowledge of a particular subject area. The pre-assessment uses a pool of questions to test your current knowledge. The results of this assessment help identify your personal knowledge gaps. FAST TRACK then automatically creates abespoke course to address these knowledge gaps.


This course covers the following learning objectives:


LO1 Explain what is meant by a Confined Space

LO2 Give examples of Confined Spaces

LO3 Describe the dangers that can be caused by confined space entry work

LO4 Identify the key pieces of legislation that help to control confined space entry work

LO5 Explain how to avoid entering confined spaces

LO6 Explain the importance of having a Safe System of Work in place

LO7 Describe individual roles and responsibilities involved in Confined Space Entry work

LO8 Explain the requirements for gas testing

LO9 Identify acceptable levels for atmospheric test results

LO10 Give examples of Confined Space Entry site safety equipment

LO11 Explain the actions to take in an emergency situation

LO12 Explain Confined Space Entry alarm procedures


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