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Introduction to Subsea Control Systems

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Target group:

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Course Goal: This course aims to provide an overview of subsea control systems


Target Audience: All relevant personnel


Learning Objectives

Section 1: Evolution of Subsea Technology

LO1 Describe the evolution of subsea oil and gas well completions

Section 2: Subsea Completions Layout

LO2 Describe the layout of subsea completions

Section 3: Subsea Control Systems

LO3 Describe the role of the subsea umbilical cable

LO4 Describe how subsea actuated valves operate

LO5 Describe how subsea valve positions are monitored

LO6 Describe how modulated subsea valves are controlled

Section 4: Subsea Process Control

LO7 Describe subsea flow control

LO8 Describe subsea pressure control

LO9 Describe subsea temperature monitoring

LO10 Describe subsea sand monitoring

LO11 Describe subsea corrosion monitoring

LO12 Describe subsea emergency shutdown systems

Section 5: Subsea Technology Development

LO13 Identify some of the latest innovative developments in subsea technology


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