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Introduction to Flanges and Gaskets

Course information

Target group:

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Course Goal: This course aims tointroduce learners to different types of flanges and gaskets and their functions


Target Audience: Operations personnel


Learning Objectives:

LO1 Explain the importance of ensuring mechanical joint integrity

LO2 Describe what is meant by ‘a mechanical joint’

LO3 Identify different types of flanges and flange connections

LO4 Outline the function and purpose of flanges

LO5 Identify the different types of gaskets

LO6 Explain the function and purpose of gaskets

LO7 Outline the factors to consider when selecting the most appropriate joint assembly

LO8 Identify the most common types of flange and gasket arrangements

LO9 Describe how to install flanges correctly

LO10 Explain what should be checked when installing gaskets

LO11 Describe the principles of hand torque tightening

LO12 Describe the principles of hydraulic tensioning

LO13 Explain the importance of controlling tightening and the main methods used


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