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Accident and Incident Investigation

Course information

Target group:

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Course Goal: This course aims to provide learners with an overview of industry best practice in relation to accident and incident investigation


Target Audience: All relevant personnel


Learning Objectives:


LO01 Define what is meant by the terms ‘accident’ and ‘incident’

LO02 Explain the importance of accident and incident investigation

LO03 Explain the purpose of, and reasons for, investigating accidents and incidents

LO04 Give an overview of accident and incident notification and reporting requirements

LO05 Outline the key roles and responsibilities involved in investigating and reporting an accident or incident

LO06 Explain how to determine the appropriate level of investigation using an incident severity risk assessment

LO07 Identify the key steps involved in a typical accident and incident investigation process

LO08 Describe typical information gathering requirements

LO09 Describe the requirement for analysis of the causes of the accident or incident

LO10 Describe Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

LO11 Explain the significance of human factors in contributing to accidents and incidents

LO12 Describe how to identify suitable risk control measures

LO13 Describe the requirement for an accident or incident action plan and its implementation using SMART principles


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