Oil and Gas
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Process Operations

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Target group:

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Course Goal: This course aims to provide an overview of upstream oil and gas operations


Target Audience: Newcomers to the oil and gas industry


Learning Objectives:


LO1 Describe how hydrocarbon reservoirs are formed

LO2 Describe the reservoir appraisal process

LO3 Identify the configuration of a production Christmas tree

LO4 Describe a subsea Christmas tree

LO5 Describe the function of the choke valve

LO6 Describe the separation process

LO7 Describe the test separator

LO8 Identify the associated gas clean-up process

LO9 Describe the absorption process

LO10 Describe the adsorption process

LO11 Describe the gas compression process

LO12 Identify the produced water disposal process

LO13 Describe the crude oil treatment process

LO14 Describe the crude oil metering process

LO15 Describe the gas metering process

LO16 Describe process control

LO17 Identify enhanced oil recovery methods


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