Oil and Gas
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Menneskelige faktorer

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Target group:

Kurset er rettet mot alt olje og gass personell.


Dette kurset tilbys kun på engelsk.

This course aims to introduce learners to the concept of human factors and how they impact on situational awareness.



- Define what is meant by the term ‘human factors’ 

- Identify the key contributors to the loss of situational awareness

- Recognise the potential causes of stress and fatigue (both work and non-work related) 

- Recognise the symptoms of stress and fatigue in yourself and others 

- Explain how important good communication is in limiting incidents and accidents 

- Explain why following processes and procedures is a key part of ensuring safety in the workplace 

- Recognise how carefully pre-planning your actions, and responses, helps to improve performance and reduce human error 

- Explain how to maintain good situational awareness


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