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Electrical Safety Rules

Course information

Target group:

This course is aimed at all personnel working in the Oil and Gas Industry.


This course aims to provide all relevant personnel with a broad overview of common Electrical Safety Rules, and outlines best practice when working with electricity.

Course content
- Explain the importance of Electrical Safety Rules
- Identify the laws which exist to prevent injuries from electricity in the workplace
- Define electrical safety terminology
- Define the role of the Responsible Electrical Person
- Define the role of the Authorised Electrical Person
- Define the role of the Competent Electrical Person
- Describe the general precautions to be taken and the safety procedures to be followed
- Identify the correct PPE to be used for specific electrical tasks
- Explain the safe systems of work that are used to control electrical work
- Define what is meant by electrical isolation
- Explain the key steps involved in electrical isolation
- Describe the procedures for earthing
- Describe the precautions to be taking when working on low voltage systems, live low voltage equipment, high voltage systems and extra low voltage systems
- Describe the procedures for the testing of high voltage and low voltage systems
- Describe the precautions to be taken during switching operations
- Explain when personal isolations are appropriate
- Give an overview of common isolation security procedures
- Describe the actions to take in an electrical emergency


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