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Manuell håndtering

Course information

Target group:

Kurset er rettet mot alt personell som jobber onshore og offshore.



Course goal: To increase learners’ awareness of the importance of safe manual handling operations and the risks involved with manual handling. The course also aims to outline best practice for the correct handling techniques for safe lifting, and for the pushing and pulling of loads.


Learning Objectives


LO1 Define the term ‘manual handling’ and explain the importance of safe manual handling operations 

LO2 Identify the types of injuries that may result from manual handling operations 

LO3 Identify the legislation that is in place to regulate manual handling operations

LO4 Describe the duties that are placed on employers and employees by the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 

LO5 Explain the importance of risk assessing manual handling operations 

LO6 Identify the factors to consider when assessing manual handling operations and identify ways of reducing the risks of injury 

LO7 Describe good handling techniques for safe lifting and the importance of working within the HSE manual handling risk assessment guidelines

LO8 Describe good handling techniques for pushing and pulling loads

LO9 Explain the training requirements associated with manual handling operations

Kurset er kun tilgjengelig på engelsk.


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