Oil and Gas
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Introduction to drilling technology

Course information

Target group:

The course is aimed at newcomers on the threshold of a working career in the offshore oilfield industry, and personnel who wants an overview of the different petroleum exploration phases.


This e-learning course provides the student with a brief and general introduction to the relevant exploration, drilling and production activities.


The course gives the student an insight into the different installations, types of equipment, machinery and operational methods involved in the different phases.


Course Content

- What is oil and how is it identified

- Exploration and assessment of possible deposits

- Types of installations for offshore exploration, drilling, production and transport

- Types and positioning of permanent drilling equipment

- The drill string and loose handling equipment

- Well types, drilling sequences and the installation of casings

- Drilling sequences and equipment for establishing wellhead

- Drilling mud, Cementing, Completion, Production, transport and processing, Plugging and abandonment


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