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Enterprise Risk Management - English version

Course information

Target group:

Managers at all levels in the organization who work with risk management.


Enterprise risk management is about working with what is important to your business, ie setting the right priorities in a time of great challenges and limited resources. The purpose of ERM is to ensure the right balance between developing and creating value and to prevent accidents, injuries and losses.

After completing the course, participants will have a greater understanding of risk management and how a company can implement this in their business.


Course content

* Risk management - conceptual clarification

* Why risk

* How to structure risk management in business

* How to implement risk management process

* How to establish management structures, roles and responsibilities

* What support systems can support risk management

* How to develop a culture that supports enterprise risk

* How to learn, evaluate and improve enterprise risk


 The course can be taken as a pure e-learning courses or combined with a final classroom collection (recommended). The course will be implemented as "Blended Learning" and is divided into two main parts:

The theoretical implemented as individual e-learning. Part two of the course undertaken as a classroom session where the central theoretical topics discussed, and where participants work with case studies.


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