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Project Management Essentials – Norwegian version

Course information

Target group:

The course is aimed at people who work, have worked or will work with the projects.


For English version of this course, please enrol to "Project Management Essentials - English version".

The main focus of the course is to create a fundamental understanding of what everyone working with projects should know about project management. The e-learning course is divided into ten modules and has a case you will be working with throughout the course. The e-learning introduces you to what characterizes a project and project management, before focusing on project methods and project phases. It is ensured that the most important activities in a project are done first and to make sure the project gets the right initiation. Project management disciplines like planning, follow-up and control of the project are dealt with, before leadership and organization of the project is addressed. In the very end of the course you will get a basic introduction to the most important elements of how to understand and manage risk in a project.


Course content

- Definition of project as working method

- Ensure the right initiation of profitable projects

- Understand the project’s life cycle and general project models

- Help to establish and maintain a project team

- Input on how to create a proper project plan

- Specific methods to consider and follow-up on uncertainty/risks


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