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Emergency Response Management in Power Supply (Norwegian version)

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Christmas 2011, Norway was hit hard by extreme weather Dagmar. Immediately, a very large number of customers affected by power outages. The main reason for power outages and that they were so long, was that the network as a whole could not stand the strain. The companies' contingency plans, organization and crisis management was put to the test. NVE pointed out afterwards that the companies had to take the experience further work on risk and vulnerability assessments, contingency plans, exercises, information and emergency contact and cooperation with other businesses. This course provides basic knowledge in all these areas, and will set the course participants better able to participate in an emergency organization in the power supply.


Course aim:

After completing the course, participants should;

• Understand the principles, concepts and key measures for handling emergency situations.

• Have a common understanding of the organization's emergency response tasks and challenges in an emergency situation.


What can participants expect?  

The course covers the following areas:

◦ Introduction - What is the emergency? Why is it important?

◦ The relevant regulatory requirements.

◦ The road from ROS analysis and contingency analysis to the establishment and maintenance of emergency preparedness.

◦ defined hazard and accident situations - understanding of concepts and examples.

◦ Organisation of emergency - overall and within the company.

◦ Roles and responsibilities of various internal and external stakeholders.

◦ Emergency Documents - Overview and suggestions for content in a contingency plan.

◦ Challenges related to management in an emergency situation, including media management and leadership under stress.  


On the day the collection, we will go into detail:

• Comprehensive preparedness concept.

• Proactive emergency management.

• Training and exercises.

• Effective crisis communication and emergency response information (what is a crisis, reputation importance, protection of stakeholders (customers, authorities, employees and other stakeholders).  



All personnel shall participate in emergency planning in the power supply or collaborating agencies (county, municipality, emergency services).

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