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Offshore loading Phase 3

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Target group:

Masters, Chief Officers and Junior Officers to be employed on DP vessels as navigators/DPO.



The phase 3 course is a refresher course and focuses on experience exchange. The course repeats elements from the phase 2 with regards to handling shuttle tankers in close proximity to loading buoys.

The objective is to learn from the experiences of colleagues, and in such a way achieve optimal skills and understanding on how to handle a shuttle tanker in DP mode. The course participants will also be introduced to new developments within DP as for example reference systems, software versions, new loadingconcepts, updated procedures etc.


• Discussions on unwanted incidents involving shuttle tankers
• Focus on the proper use of procedures relating to diffferent oil fields and the use of DP checklists
• The latest development and statistics in Shuttle Tankers DP incidents
• The latest development of offshore loading manuals and development of new Oil fields
• The latest development of positions reference systems for DP and correct use of them
• Repetition of MCRM (Maritime Crew Recourse Management). Principles for teamwork
• The latest editions of competence requirements and guidelines


All approaches to the loading buoys are carried out by using Dynamic Positioning Systems, according to procedures. 

Simulations also include reconstruction of known DP incidents involving shuttle tankers. The complexity of these exercises will be based on the experience of the person “in charge” on the bridge simulator.


• Equinor Competence Requirements for Shuttle Tanker Personnel, WR 2394
• OGUK Tandem Loading Guidelines Volume 1
• Teekay Competence Requirements, SP 0961


Certification of attendance will be issued on successful completion of the course. 

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