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DP Sea Time Reduction

Course information

Target group:

DP operator trainees



The period of supervised DP sea time days after the Simulator Course may be reduced by a maximum of 30 days by the satisfactory completion of an intensive DP Simulator Course.


• Study of DP incidents
• Construction and use of worksite diagrams, Electronic Charts and Vessel templates for use in DP operations
• Preparation of plans for a projected DP operation,contingency plans for expected deviations and emergencies
• Participation in simulated situations in a variety of DP operations while handling routine and emergency situations
• Risk and safety analysis, and defining DP equipmentclasses
• The DP system’s utilization of position


The participants will work with practical scenarios based on real operations, training on planning and executing specified operations under varying simulated conditions.

During the operations, typical DP failure modes will be included. Communication with field control, other vessels and the different departments onboard will be included. A rotation plan will be made for participants to act in different roles during the course.

The scenarios will be run on a K-POS DP system Class2, in a full mission simulator environment connected to an advanced simulator control (NI Class A).


The Sea Time Reduction Course reduces phase D of the Nautical Institute (NI) DP Operator Certification Scheme (watchkeeping experience). The course will be logged into the Nautical Institute DP Operator’s log book and reduce the Watchkeeping Experience requirements by 30 days


Certification of attendance will be issued on succcessful completion of the course.


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