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Basic Environmental Management for the Petroleum Industry - Norwegian version

Course information

Target group:

Persons working in offshore industry, project managers, line managers and project workers.


This course will provide a basic introduction to important issues related to the external environment and the petroleum industry. It includes the conditions regarding the environment (sea and the life there) and how the activities affect the environment.  Environmental management is a tool to use to reduce companies' negative impact on the environment.

After completing the module the participants will understand what environmental management involves and have general knowledge of what is included in this. Participants will also learn about how environmental management is carried out in practice in the offshore industry.This is done through learning and reflection on important topics.


Course Content

• Environmental Accounting
• Principles for the calculation of emissions to air and sea
• Sources of information
• About the resipient
• What are the processes and mass balance of a facility
• Emissions to air
• Discharges to sea
• Waste and waste handling
• Environmental account
• Legislation related to environmental management


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