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OER109 Crisis Management Basic Course (Norwegian version)

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Target group:

Personnel involved in the organization's emergency management.




The course is conducted as a "Blended Learning", and is divided into two main parts.


The theoretical part is carried out as individual e-learning.


Part two of the course as a unity in which the central theoretical issues discussed. The bulk of the collection day is about the implementation of practical exercises. Each participant will as part of a team, get out practical exercises with feedback. In relation to the events we are concerned that the participants are left with a sense of mastering the practical skills that are expected after completion of the course.



After completing the course the participants shall be able to participate in emergency management team, as well as have an understanding of emergency response, including:

• Be able to use the working method of proactive management, as a member of the emergency management team
• Have a general knowledge of emergency work in the offshore business
• Be familiar with emergency services, government and support for offshore accidents
• Possess the basic skills of leadership, communication and interaction in an emergency situation


A review of theory and simulation / practical tasks and exercises in:

• Organisation of emergency management
• Effective management of an emergency situation
• Cooperation - roles and responsibilities
• Mental reactions and stress management
• Conduct during Emergency situations - practical training 

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