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Emergency Response Management 2. line (Norwegian version)

Course information

Target group:

All personnel who will participate in 2. line emergency response work in the company.


For English version of this course, please enrol to "Emergency Response Management 2nd line".


Proactive emergency response management involves identifying measures that can control the development in the desired direction and take action before circumstances force one to do it.
This course is the first step of the way to handle such situations and thus participate in 2.eller 3 line emergency response organization onshore.


After completing the course the participants:
•  Understanding of 2. line emergency response organization's tasks and challenges in an emergency situation
•  Understand the principles, concepts and key measures related to the handling of emergency situations


Course content:
• Introduction - What is emergency response? Why is it important?
• Defined hazard and accident situations - Understanding of concepts and examples
• Organization of emergency - overall and within the company
• Roles and responsibilities of various internal and external actors
• Contingency planning documents - overview, as well as suggestions for content in the 2nd line emergency plan
• Relevant regulatory requirements


Target group:
Target group is all personnel who will participate in 2. line emergency response work in the company.


Learning methods:
Initial e-learning courses and a final in-house classroom collection.
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