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FSE Offshore - High and Low Voltage (Fast Track)

Course information

Target group:

Everybody working with low and high voltage installations offshore.


The fast track version of FSE Offshore - Low and High Voltage starts with a pre-test which checks the  participant's knowledge of FSE. Depending on the answers you give, you will get a FSE course that is tailored to the level of knowledge that is revealed in the pre-test.

The course meets the requirements set in § 7 of the "Safety Regulations for Work and Operation of Electrical Equipment and Installations- FSE", that relevant personnel shall be given annual training in FSE. The course also provides training and instruction in first aid, except for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Throughout the course the focus is on attitudes and the individual's responsibility to follow the regulations. FSE training is about knowledge of regulations and instructions, but it is equally important for the individual to understand why we have these regulations. To succeed in getting the individual to understand the importance of working safely, it is crucial that electrical safety is developing in the right direction and that the number of accidents is reduced.

In order to meet the requirement for being able to provide first aid in the event of electrical accidents, you also need to complete yearly practical training in CPR (mouth-to-mouth and heart compressions).

The course with fast track is suitable for for all, but is particularly practical for those who are going to do refresher training in FSE. The version without fast track is to be found in the course catalogue with the code MTP-041.


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