Oil and Gas
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Authorised Gas Tester (Brazilian Portuguese)

Course information

Target group:

All personnel working with gas testing.


This course is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.

For English version of this course, please enrol to “OPITO and IOSH Authorised Gas Testing”.

This course aims to provide the knowledge and techniques for carrying out gas testing.


Course Content

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Hazards Associated with Gases and Vapours

Section 3: Flammable Atmospheres

Section 4: Fire and Explosions

Section 5: Toxic Atmospheres

Section 6: Oxygen Deficiency and Oxygen Enrichment

Section 7: The Hazards of Confined Spaces

Section 8: The Gas Monitor

Section 9: Using Gas Testing Equipment when Carrying out Fire Watch Duties

Section 10: Using the Gas Testing Equipment to Clear an Area Prior to Hot Work

Section 11: Using the Gas Testing Equipment to Identify a Potential Gas Leak

Section 12: Using the Gas Testing Equipment to Test the Atmosphere of a Confined Space Prior to Entry

Section 13: Using the Gas Testing Equipment during Purging Operations

Section 14: Final Assessment


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