Oil and Gas
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OPITO and IOSH Authorised Gas Testing

Course information

Target group:

All personnel working with gas testing.


Course goal: This OPITO and IOSH-approved course aims to provide the knowledge and techniques for carrying out gas testing.


Course Content
Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Hazards Associated with Gases and Vapours
Section 3: Flammable Atmospheres
Section 4: Fire and Explosions
Section 5: Toxic Atmospheres
Section 6: Oxygen Deficiency and Oxygen Enrichment
Section 7: The Hazards of Confined Spaces
Section 8: The Gas Monitor
Section 9: Using Gas Testing Equipment when Carrying out Fire Watch Duties
Section 10: Using the Gas Testing Equipment to Clear an Area Prior to Hot Work
Section 11: Using the Gas Testing Equipment to Identify a Potential Gas Leak
Section 12: Using the Gas Testing Equipment to Test the Atmosphere of a Confined Space Prior to Entry
Section 13: Using the Gas Testing Equipment during Purging Operations
Section 14: Final Assessment


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