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Training in the proper selection and use of respirators

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Target group:

Nurses and safety personnel offshore, but will also be suitable for other who need training regarding use and selection of respirators.


A well fitted and functioning respirators is essential for protection of the worker. Proactima provides training in proper selection, use and control of respirators.


In several operations respirator is the last and only critical barrier to protect the workers against health hazards.


Working Environment Act, Regulations, 1425 - 1993-05-24: Regulations regarding the use of personal protective equipment at the workplace § 7 PPE requirements section 2 says: "The employer shall ensure that personal protective equipment used in the workplace at all times provide fully satisfactory protection."


Knowledge of respirators, its use and limitations is generally variable and the error sources are many. It is crucial that the respirators has right size used, is used in the right way, with correct filter, and the mask is in good condition. Several organizations, including the Norwegian Oil and Gas Federation, have issued guidelines for fit testing and documentation of respirators.


Competence of HSE personnel helps to ensure proper selection and use of respirators. Preparation and implementation of detailed procedure is a step in the right direction.


Course Content

- selection and use of respirators

- selection of and filter replacement

- maintenance of respirators

- execution of self-testing of respirator and how it can be used offshore as part of a systematic control of respirators

- method for quantitative fit testing of respirators will be demonstrated.

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