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Offshore crane and lifting operations are particularly critical operations.  Recently, there has been a lot of focus on reducing accidents in this area.

Motivation for Developing the Courses 

Offshore crane and lifting operations are particularly critical operations.  Recently, there has been a lot of focus on reducing accidents in this area. 

Statoil has a large and competent specialist environment within crane and lifting operations.  This environment has been the driving factor behind the development of the NORSOK standard R-003:  Safe use of lifting equipment.  Statoil has chosen to adopt e-learning courses as one of the means for the implementation of the NORSOK standard on all installations, as well as for satisfying the standard’s requirements for updating and maintaining competence.  Statoil has extensive experience using e-learning, also in technically advanced areas.

In collaboration with Mintra, Statoil has developed three e-learning courses for offshore crane and lifting operations: 
• Safe use of offshore cranes
• Refresher course for slingers
• Refresher course for riggers

For crane operators, the e-learning course is part of a qualifications renewal process, every three years.  For slingers and riggers, the course is part of a yearly qualifications renewal process.


Arild Ødegaard has been Statoil’s Project Manager for these courses.  Shell and BP have both bought in to Statoil’s project.  Other operators can do likewise and also have the opportunity to access to the courses.

Pedagogical Method

Procedures and requirements can be experienced as dry and possibly boring.  To counteract this, we have chosen to convey the material through real scenarios, so that it will be easy for each user to relate the technical information to his or her every day.  Moving through the courses, the user is presented with various lifting operations that illustrate themes treated by the standard. 

The target group for these courses is experienced professionals.  That’s why we have placed such great emphasis on challenging the user through extensive use of exercises related to real problems the user recognizes from experience.  Users get immediate feedback on whether or not they have mastered the material.

With permission from Standards Norway, the NORSOK standard R-003 has been integrated in the courses.  This allows users to look up information directly in the standard while they are working in the e-learning program.  With the help of the NORSOK standard, users have the opportunity to learn more on the subject beyond the theory presented in the courses.

Final Assessment

For courses to be approved, users must pass a comprehensive multiple choice test at the end of each course.  The NORSOK standard is available to users as a resource and, in the slinger course, users also have access to an electronic lift table as an aid. If a user doesn’t pass the test, they will be shown which course modules they should review before they take the test again.

Graphical Aids 

A lot of emphasis has been placed on visual expression in the courses.  In order to give users a feeling of realistic situations, we have combined animations and 3-D models with photos from the environment.  Commissioned by Statoil, the Crane School in Trondheim has, among other things, contributed a 3-D model of the Troll platform. Along with a 3-D model of an offshore crane developed by Mintra, these models are the background for many of the scenarios throughout the courses. 

Roll-out and response  

Shell has already started using these courses in its organization and is very satisfied.  Statoil will launch both Norwegian and English versions of the courses before the summer of 2006 and, based on current response from the industry, the courses can also be expected to be a success for Statoil.  BP will most likely launch the courses in the third quarter of 2006.  Mintra hopes that the courses will contribute to increased focus on NORSOK R-003 at these three companies, and increased safety for personnel working on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.   


Article by: Hanne Jacobsen, Project Manager and scriptwriter, Mintra AS

This article was previously published in Mintra’s industry e-zine, Complete LEARNING & COMPETENCE no. 5 – 2006.  A new e-zine comes out on the first Friday of every month.  To subscribe to the e-zine, send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and write “HLK” in the subject line.